Fibreglass and Gelcoat Repairs

  • Repair all of your hull chips, scratches or cracks
  • Revitalise faded or old gelcoat
  • Serious damage from accidents or collisions
  • Full respray or touch-ups.
  • Modifications such as bait boxes, seating, eskies
  • Soft rotten floors repaired or replaced
  • Strengthening of areas of high load such as transoms and foredecks
  • Experts in repairing osmosis blisters

Paint Repairs

  • Paint touch-ups of chips and scratches.
  • Specialists in full resprays on fibreglass hulls – large or small
  • A perfect finish using only the best quality primers and paints
  • Repainting of topsides, interiors, wheel house and masts
  • Painting of trailer boat hulls – tinnies, powerboats, and yachts

Transom and Floor Repairs

  • Soft rotten floors removed and replaced
  • Full rebuild of rotten transoms
  • Reinforcement of transom for heavier outboards

Accidental Damage & Insurance Claims

  • Excellent working relationship with all the major marine insurers such as Club Marine, CGU, Youi, and Pantaenius
  • Understand the detailed requirements of your insurer and if required can manage your claim from the beginning to the end
  • We can submit all the relevant paperwork and photographs, as well as liase with assessors and insurance companies.  Not only will we be on hand to complete all the necessary repairs but we also assist in the finalisation of any other insurance matters
  • Qualified to perform all insurance work whether it be minor or major repairs

Timber Boat Repairs

  • Transom repairs and rebuilds
  • Maintenance and repairs to teak decks
  • Build, repair or modify cabinetry in cabins and cockpits
  • Oiling, painting or varnishing of decks, wheelhouse, masts, toe rails, hatches and deck joinery.
  • Repair and repaint your hull

Anti-Foul Process

  • Regular application of antifoul is essential for the protection and maintenance of the hull of your boat.
  • Once out of the water your boat is pressure washed to clean most of the marine growth.
  • The hull is inspected for any obvious issues. All inlets/outlets are cleaned and anodes removed if required.
  • To ensure good product adhesion, surface is thoroughly prepared through sanding and removal of any flaking paint.
  • High quality anti-foul paint, relevant to the hull type is will be rolled on – minimum of 2 coats.
  • Anodes replaced and a final wash down before returning to the water.

Full Detailing and General Maintenance Service

  • Monthly washing and cleaning program to keep your yacht or power boat in top condition.
  • Selling? We can detail your boat so she is presented at her best.
  • Polishing, buffing, waxing restoring the shine to your gelcoat.
  • Acid wash to remove stains from rust, slime and bird droppings.

Other ways we can we help you

  • Installations of wakeboard and ski bars
  • Anchors winches supplied and installed
  • Bait boards, rod holders and other boat accessories installed
  • Marlin boards made and installed

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